Baked Goods … and MATH?

That’s right — my first session at the Festival of Creative Learning is entitled “Mathematical Bake-off: Understanding Mathematics by Baking.” Math and I have had a rocky relationship for basically my entire life. I have often wondered, if it had been taught differently to me, would I have understood math better? Would I still feel that panicky feeling when suddenly presented with the need to do an “easy” problem in my head? Because understanding the concept of “number sense” sadly has not actually given me … number sense. How I would love to have the fluid understanding of numbers in the same way that I feel comfortable with words!

This is just the kind of activity that includes all types of learners, thinking about the subject in a non-intimidating and fun way — and I cannot wait to tell you how it goes!


Author: suejohnston2017

Sue Johnston is an Instructional Designer at the University of Maryland. She focuses on promoting accessible and inclusive learning in online learning. She is not actually a very good pool player but is willing to give any game a try.

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