The lightest Terps are getting ready for a big trip!

3D models of the UMD mascot, TestudoThanks to the folks at the 3D Printing Lab at UMD, I’ve got a whole bunch of lightweight and adorable mini Testudos (the UMD mascot) ready to give to my hosts at the University of Edinburgh who have been incredibly accommodating. They’ve sent me a wonderfully full and interesting schedule for my visit and  I’m gathering a few more tokens of gratitude that are very “Maryland” (Old Bay anyone?) After a year of planning, it’s hard to believe it’s almost time to go. (And what a year it has been — busy times in both of our countries and around the world should make for some pretty interesting conversations!)

Thanks for following along, my posts should come a little more frequently in the coming days. I’ll post my schedule for the first week soon. Spoiler alert: It includes attending a TEDx Talk!


Author: suejohnston2017

Sue Johnston is an Instructional Designer at the University of Maryland. She focuses on promoting accessible and inclusive learning in online learning. She is not actually a very good pool player but is willing to give any game a try.

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